La Strada means “road” in the Italian language.

 Road... It could be easy and straight.

It could be confused and complicated.

                                                                                                               Sometimes, the road could lead at a deadlock.

 La Strada Programme  -  for those who do not want to reach a deadlock

on their life-route, who value own safety and safety of their kith &kin,

who strive for way-out even in the difficult situation.

18 years ago small group of active and committed women assumed their responsibility for completely new task in Belarus – prevention of trafficking in persons. We were inspired by our European colleagues, who supported our initiatives so that our volunteer work developed into  large-scale national programme on safe migration and assistance to the survivors of trafficking.  

La Strada today is the programme administered in Belarus by organisation "Social changes".
We are a full member of International La Strada Association.

Our efforts were appreciable on high international level in 2006. La Strada Belarus programme, as the most successful project on prevention of trafficking in persons among NGOs in Eastern Europe, was awarded by the special prize of German UNIFEM.

La Strada Belarus programme today is:

• The best experts and consultants in the sphere of safe migration and prevention of trafficking

• Informational line (short number 7113) covering all migration issues: employment abroad, marriage with a foreigner, travel and study abroad, etc.

• Possibilities to reach us through e-mail on the issues on safe migration and in case of emergency abroad from any point in the world

• Social assistance programme: free medical, legal, psychological assistance, and emotional support without prejudice and blaming towards survivors

• La Strada programme site, visited by 350 000 persons annually from various countries who are interested in safe migration information

• Special pages in Internet social networks for potential migrants

• Contribution to the elaboration of national legislature, monitoring of implementation of international standards and norms on national level

• Collaboration with all mass media on most acute topics, interlinked with safe migration issues and prevention of trafficking: quarterly press-releases, press-conferences, and round tables

• Trainers’ network working in all Belarusian regions with various target groups: students, pupils, lectures on the issues of prevention of trafficking, possibilities of legal employment, travel abroad, migrants’ rights and obligations, and minimization of the root causes of the phenomenon

• Trainings for various professional groups

• Extensive base of informational and analytical materials: books, booklets, posters, brochures on prevention of trafficking and safe migration topics for various groups