La Strada Belarus

La Strada Program was launched in our country 19 years ago. The first and the most important stage of its work was opening of a hotline on safe travel abroad and support for victims of human trafficking in January, 2001.

During these years our volunteer efforts and initiatives were not only supported at the state and the international levels, but also evolved into a wide national program for promotion of safe migration, support for victims of human trafficking.

Today La Strada is the program which is being implemented in Belarus by the organisation "Social changes".

We are a competent member of the International La Strada Association which includes  29 members from 24 countries.

Today La Strada Belarus Program means:

  • The informational hotline on all migrational issues: employment abroad, marriage with foreign citizens, travel and study abroad

  • Opportunity to ask for support in a case of a crisis situation when abroad from any point of the world via e-mail and  online consulting 

  • The best experts in sphere of safe migration and counteracting trafficking in human beings 

  • The programs of support for victims of human trafficking: provision of free medical, legal, psychological support

  • Participation in preparation of the national legislative acts, monitoring of the processes of implementation of the international norms and standards and the standards at the national level 

  • The network of trainers, who work all across Belarus with various target groups: students, school pupils, teachers on issues of prevention of human trafficking, informing about legal ways of employment and traveling abroad.

  • The web-site of La Strada Program www.lastrada.by. It is designed for potential migrants, and also for people who appeared in a crisis situation abroad, or who want to know how to avoid one. At the web-site we share news, describe how to act in tough situations, introduce important details concerning work, study abroad, marriage to foreign citizens, holidays in exotic countries and countries aren't familiar to the Belarusians.


Labor migrants in Belarus in the context of the pandemic: changes in the Belarusian labor legislation

The coronavirus pandemic has changed not only the situation on the labor market. Labor legislation is also being adapted to the new realities. Including Belarusian one. In this article, we want to talk about changes that also affect migrants working in Belarus.

How can foreign workers in Belarus protect their labor rights?

Are you a foreigner or a foreign woman legally working in Belarus, and have you faced unfair and illegal treatment by a Belarusian employer: dismissal or non-payment of wages? We will tell you what to do in this situation.

La Strada Belarus and IOM launched an information campaign to support labor migrants  during of the COVID-19 pandemic

During the pandemic, Belarusians working in other countries turned out to be one of the most vulnerable categories. During this period, the number of appeals to La Strada Program on the difficult situations and violations committed by foreign employers has grown 3 times.